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Making Your Car Look New Again With Vehicle Detailing

Each time you drive your car, it will be affected by the environment.
In truth, even if you don’t drive your car it will still collect dust and dirt.
Both scenarios mean that regular maintenance is needed to keep your car looking good and the paintwork in great condition.
Your cars paintwork is easily damaged and for a true car lover – every little scratch or mark stands out.
When you see light scratching on your cars paintwork, it is actually damage to what is known as the clear coat

Prevent the damage

There are things you can do to avoid damage to the paint work
The biggest threat to your paintwork is the sun!
Overtime the suns rays will fade the pain and also cause the paint to be discolour and start to lift
To prevent sun damage, you need to treat your paintwork like you would your own skin!
During the hottest part of the day – Do not leave your car out in full sun for extended periods.
If you drive to work, is there an undercover area you can park in?
If you need to leave your car outdoors and unprotected for a length of time, consider using a cover on the car.
When you are at home, can your car be garaged or under cover?
There are different car care products that also act as a sunscreen for the paint
Our suggestion if you do not do regular car detailing is to wax your car every three to six months, depending on how often it is exposed to outside elements.
Wax adds an extra layer that can protect your paint from light scratches, keep it from breaking down and maintain its shine.

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Organic pollutants that cause damage


This consists of dust and dirt
Bird Droppings
Bat droppings
Tree sap

An accumulation of dust can actually negatively affect your car’s paint.
When this dirt mixes with rain, it can create an acidic compound that damages the surface and leads to corrosion over time.
Always wash your car when you see noticeable dust and dirt settling on the paint.

Bird droppings, bat droppings and bugs are all acidic, when these are left on the paint surface, they will start to affect the paint underneath.
Always remove them as soon as you can. Soften them with water irst so they easily wash away rather than trying to remove dried on substances

Tree sap is very damaging and it will cause discoloration and even remove the paint from underneath.
If tree sap is left on the paint work it will expand and contract every time it heats up and softens and then when it coold down it will shrink a little and harden up.
Always avoid parking under a tree that you know will drips sap
Trees are also notorious for perching birds and bats.
There is nothing more frustrating to know that you have parked where birds congregate and and splatter your car with their mess.

Paintwork wear and tear


Even if you are the most careful driver in the world, your car will still go through tear and use.
From scratches, to dents, to chips, to nicks on the paint, you need to remember the environment is always against your cars paintwork!

One of the most damaging things you can do for your car is to use the wrong products when washing it!
Cheap detergents can  damage the paints finish
The wrong cleaning cloths can cause paint swirls if the fibres are rough.
Dirty water cause microscopic scratches and paint swirls

Always use decent quality products!
Use a 2 bucket approach when washing your car.
One bucket for wetting down and soaping your car and one clean bucket for washing off the soap.

car polish service

Avoid automatic car washes

Those fun whirly brushes are a night mare for your clear coat. After goung throughand automatic car wash, you will have hundreds of new miroscopic scratches on uour paint work

Go to a reputable hand car wash !
Better still, book your car in for a car detail.
Car detailers use minimal contact with the car paint.
Everything they they do is to protect the clear coat on your car!
You will also get all your trims c;leaned and polished
Even your wheels and tyres will be rejuvenated.

interior car cleaning wipe down


Professionally Cleaned

Detailers are  professionals that understand everything there is to understand about car upkeep, especially when it comes to preserving the visual appeals of the car.

From the paint work to the chrome trims
Your upholstery or leather seats are cleaned and rejuventated
Got disgusting car mats?
Have you even had your car carpets and mats steam cleaned – Now that is a sight to see all the dirt and grim e that is sucked out of the carpets

Another popular service is to have under your bonnet cleaned. Yes – you can get your engine detailed!
They will be able to clean and detail the engine. By eliminating the grime, dust and grease from the engine, you will see a much more in-depth engine that is glossy and appears like that it simply came off the line from the factory.

Car Detailing Services

See our services page to read more about what car detailing can do for your car.
We have many uber drivers who book their cars in each month to keep their cars looking spotless.
This is the secret behind why their cars are always so clean and tidy looking!

Contact us today!



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