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Paint Protection Ceramic Coat Brisbane

You can rely on Car Detailers Brisbane for help protecting your car’s paint and the perfect time to do this is after you have a detailing service!

We can apply Ceramic Coating, and this will put a layer of protection over your car paint work. It stops dirt, grime and gunk from getting stuck on the paintwork and getting ingrained and causing damage.

The liquid polymer is applied to clean exterior surfaces of a vehicle.

After application, it chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, establishing a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface.

Looking after your car’s paint is an investment. Why not protect your investment by having a paint protectant applied to it.

Do not get paint protection films confused with ceramic coats.

Protective films are sheets of vinyl applied over each panel in a similar way of a car wrap

You can apply a car wrap to parts of a car that is prone to stone chip damage.

We recommend Car Wrappers Brisbane if you are looking for this kind of paint protection

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Professional Car Detailing

As a professional detailers, we always have everything that they need to effectively apply the right type of paint protection to your car and a ceramic coat may be the perfect solution for you

It is important to understand the layers of paint on your car.

The base layer is the coloured paint and covering this is a clear layer of paint.

The clear layer protects the base layer from sun fading, oxidisation and offers some protection from light scratches.

Car detailing deals with this clear layer – making sure that all fine scratches and water marks are removed from the clear layer so that the base colour can shine through.

To protect the clear layer we have 3 options that we can apply

  • Wax – needs to be applied every few months and is affected by heat
  • Sealant – offers a little more protection and needs applying twice a year
  • Ceramic Coat – hard polymer shell and will last several years

Do not get this protective layer confused with wax or a sealant.

A ceramic coat will last for many years when it has been professionally applied.

We’ll remove any top coatings from the paint before applying the polymer sealant. This will enable the ceramic coat to bond and last longer.

Coatings and wax can be reapplied once the appropriate sealant has been applied to your car.

Like our other detailing services, you will receive the most affordable

paint protection from us.

Why Rely on Car Detailers Brisbane ?

No one does a better job than we do at Car Detailers Brisbane.

Our customers keep coming back because of the quality of service that we provide to them.

If you want to be sure that the job is done right and that you receive maximum benefits, rely on us.

We will help you protect your car by using the best products and techniques. Nothing but the best is good enough for our customers, which is why you should depend on us when you want your paint looked after.

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