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Headlight Restoration and Car Detailing

headlight restoring

Headlights on virtually all cars are made of hard plastic called poly carbonate.
Over time headlights do discolour or go cloudy.
This happens due to UV rays oxidising the protective coating that is applied to all headlights when they are manufactured.
It is the protective coating that becomes yellowed and hazy over time.
Headlights that are not clear can be deemed as un roadworthy.

If you are thinking of selling your car you will have to look at the condition of them.

Car Detailers Brisbane can fix the problem for you.
We offer the right way to do headlight restoration.
We can correctly restore them so that you can see clearly at night time.
They will also look a million dollars in the day time!

Why Have Your Headlights Restored

The danger involved in not being able to see in front of you is magnified when you have foggy headlights.
Headlight function can be improved up to a massive 75% when you have clean and clear lenses.
Some vehicle inspections will require you to have your headlights inspected.
Make sure that your headlights can pass the inspection by having them restored.

Efficient Headlight Restoration

Some detailers will take short cuts.
They may try to sell you new headlights because they cannot effectively restore your existing headlights.
Or they may remove the old protective coating and just leave the plastic lens unprotected from UV lights.
The plastic headlights will become damaged and scratched within 6 months if they do not have a protective coating applied.

However, if you rely on us, we have the skills and the tools that we need to effectively help with the correct headlight restoration
You can read more about our headlight restoration here

Why Hire a Professional Detailer

When we do the restoration on your headlights, we removed the old coating.
We lightly buff back the lens and then we apply a bonded protective coating that seals clear and is rock hard.
To apply this coat we do have to protect the paintwork on the surrounding areas of your car. We cover and mask up the surrounding paintwork when we are applying the new headlight coating

As a professional detailer, we take care of everything and follow the steps that enable us to provide our customers with the most effective headlight restoration services.

You are assured of getting what you pay for when you rely on a professional car detailing company

Value for the Money

We save your money by letting you know what we can do for you, instead of trying to sell you something that you don't need.
We are confident that you'll be happy with the quality of service that you receive from. When you receive great quality of service, it affords you value for your money.
We guarantee your satisfaction.

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